World Oral Health Day – March 20th 2022

The aim of world oral health day 2021 to 2023 is to be proud of your mouth. Value your mouth to take care of it.

The website explains activities and promotions  for the 2022 campaign is promoted on its own website:

The theme for 2022 is to promote the effect of oral health on general health.  To understand the importance of oral health and its effect on general health will help motivate to look after oral health.

Regular brushing, cleaning of teeth and gums is fundamental and tongue scraping , cleaning helps oral health. Balanced, healthy diet  is vital to good oral and overall health.

To help cleaning a disclosing color gel can be coated on the teeth, at the dental surgery and sticks to plaque which shows clearly the areas that need cleaning.

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It is possible to purchase a disclosing tablet at the pharmacist which is a food  coloring  that can be chewed and its color stick to the plaque,  and help  brushing effectively to clean all the plaque off to maintain excellent oral health.