Your practice accredited dental surgery in Port Douglas


The Dental Practice that gets mistaken for a day spa, it provides such a relaxing atmosphere based in a unique style premises that nestles into the tropical greenery at Port Douglas.

You can be reassured of a high level of care and high standards in that we do as we are one of the few dental practices in Far North Queensland to have completed the full Dental Practice accreditation, meaning we abide by a strict system of National Safety and Quality Health Services standards.

Your oral health can affect your general wellbeing. Our belief is by educating our patients on nutrition and correct brushing and care routines, we can help maintain their teeth and gums, reducing the need for future dental treatments. With regular check-ups and by following our advice, you can save money on your overall oral health care.

At our Port Douglas dental surgery we want to create a relaxing atmosphere for all ages. Our patients love our tropical setting and how caring and attentive our staff are to their needs.

We want to help even the most nervous patients feel comfortable. All questions are welcome and we will listen to any concerns you have during any stage of your treatment.

Book an appointment today and avoid emergencies at inconvenient times.

Our Team

Dr. Graeme Stringer

B.D.Sc., M.D.Sc., F.R.A.C.D.S., F.A.C.N.E.M.(Dent), F.A.S.L.M, Adv.Dip (Ayur. Med.)

Over 40 years experience after graduating from University of Melbourne in 1981.

Since then has developed skills and extra qualifications in many areas of dentistry.

The underlying thread is that Dr Graeme promotes preventive measures to help maintain dental health and avoid problems.  The latest trends to manage oral health are available  due to continual professional development. This approach to excellence has been certified with the Dental Practice being a Fully Accredited Dental practice under the National Health Standards. Not all dental practices have achieved this and only a few in Far North Queensland.

This provides assurance that any concerns you may have are followed up to achieve a positive outcome. 

Skills and knowledge include a Masters Degree with lasers in dentistry, Fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons  with more comprehensive general dental skills, nutritional medicine with Fellowship in Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine( Dental Faculty), achieved after exams and case work, Full membership of Aust. Soc. For Hypnosis after 2 years course work, and exams, case reports, recently Fellowship of Australian Society of LifestyleMedicine with effects of lifestyle on health and Adv. Dip in Ayurvedic medicine, being the  qualification to be recognised as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  Other certificates in Orthodontics, Sleep disturbances related to jaws, bio-compatible dentistry, and others. Thus a very comprehensive approach to oral health can be provided.

Practice Staff

Elise Geleijnse
 Dental Reception and Dental Assistant

Dental Receptionist and Dental Assistant providing a kind and caring approach to your dental appointment.

Mel Schoepcke
Dental Assistant 

Senior Dental Assistant. Very experienced with skills in all aspects of dentistry and great at ensuring a relaxed enjoyable appointment.

Amy Sims
Dental Assistant 

Dental assistant taking care of patients and ensures smooth running of the daily routines.

About Our Memberships & Accreditations

A fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons is the highest academic achievement available through this further education provider. To become a fellow, an already qualified dentist must be a member of the college and undertake study and examinations to show full understanding of anatomy, physiology, histology, cell biology, biochemistry, pathology and microbiology in relation to clinical dental practises.
As an accredited private dental practice, our level of care is deemed sound by the Australian Dental Association Inc. (ADA) and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). This is in accordance to the National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards. It enforces our dedication to providing and maintaining a high level of care for all of our patients.
Our membership with The Australian Dental Association gives us access to educational materials on the latest in oral health care, procedures and practises.

As a Fellow, Dr Stringer has completed studies and examinations on the role of nutritional medicine in oral health.  This includes oral tissues showing signs of nutritional deficiencies and or imbalances reflecting general health problems and also where supplements of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and general nutrition can assist oral health.

Achieved with studies and  tests to achieve this high standard. Many lifestyle factors effect general health, it is the cause of at least 80% of chronic general health issues today and oral health is also effected by such habits as smoking, alcohol intake, lack of exercise, stressful lifestyle, poor diet and irregular routines, as well as poor oral health adversely effecting general health.

Is the highest training  available in Ayurvedic Medicine in Australia at present. The word Ayurveda means science of  healthy living and is the traditional system of medicine from India. It is currently undergoing a resurgence around the world as research validates this system that has survived for thousands of years. It provides a comprehensive practical approach to regaining and maintaining health throughout life.

As a qualified Ayurvedic  Practitioner Dr Stringer can provide a wide range of natural treatments, including a range of herbal treatments, that help a wide range of health issues. For oral health disorders there are many  such herbal and other treatments.

As an accredited private dental practice (one of the few in North Queensland) our Level of Care has been assessed by  the QIP (Quality in Practice) team  and meets the National  Standards from NSQHS. Not all Dental Practices have achieved this  Certification and it indicates our commitment to high quality service, working to a high level in all aspects of Dental Practice.

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