A Healthy Mouth for Life

A Port Douglas dentist with a holistic approach to oral care

The staff at New Horizons Dental provide an incredibly wide range of procedures.

New Horizons Dental aims to help maintain your mouth in a vitally healthy state in the most economical way possible.

By doing so aims to lower cost of maintaining teeth gums and keep them in a healthy state that contributes to great general health.

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From single tooth replacements to entire mouth restorations, we can help you achieve a more complete smile with veneers, crowns, bridges or dental implants. We also provide tooth whitening procedures.

Our dentist can perform 3D xrays, special tests to detect early decay, preventive measures, tooth colored fillings and a very wide range of procedures to help improve and maintain oral health.

 It is possible to identify problems in children at 4 years of age and younger. The earlier jaw and teeth imbalances are corrected to be more stable for a long term period. 

We provide state of the art assessment of all ages , including assessment of sleep problems related to airway issues and  headaches that can be related to TMJ jaw and bite problems.