Crowns, Bridges & Dental Implants

Missing teeth result in uneven biting and jaw imbalance that predisposes to headaches, clicking TMJ and arthritis in the jaw joint. They can also result in extra wear on the remaining teeth, risk of cracking them, and acceleration of their destruction. Replacing missing teeth has advantages to protect your remaining teeth.

Missing teeth cause the remaining teeth tipping and drifting and small gaps opening up between teeth with food catching and then decay and further gum problems will develop. They result in the jaw bone underneath thinning out and if that continues for a long time, this increases the risk of jaw fracture. There are now many great ways to replace missing teeth including dental implants, bridges or plates.

Our dental surgeon can advise you of the best tooth replacement option to suit your lifestyle and financial situation. We offer treatment in the form of:


Also known as a cap, a crown is a protective cover placed over a tooth. It’s made to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your teeth. There are now a range of ceramics to provide strength, durability and has them looking incredibly life like.


A bridge is where the missing tooth is replaced with a ceramic tooth that is supported by crowns on the teeth either side. This provides a very strong durable and natural looking replacement . This requires minimal visits and is most useful to you. Your teeth on either side of the gap will benefit from the strengthening effect of a crown on a tooth.

If the teeth are not strong enough to support a bridge or they are perfectly healthy teeth without any fillings, then another option that only replaces the missing tooth is a dental implant.

Dental Implants

This is a titanium tooth root replacement placed in the jaw and into a tooth attached on top. The surgical step to place the implant in the jaw can be readily performed with local anaesthesia only or with sedation or otherwise under general anaesthetic. 

A thorough assessment ensures the best most comfortable treatment and natural result for you.