World No Smoking Day 30th May2020 Useful Tips

World no smoking day was completed recently on 31st May 2020.

Some key points and handy tips to assist with quitting smoking include.

  1. Understand your motivating factors. set clear goals of what are important to you.
  2. Examples: feel healthier, easier socialising- fresh breath, no stale cigarette smell on you, save money, exercise more easily or walk easier without running out of puff, get rid of horrible cough, taste food better, have healthier cleaner mouth, ie, no stained dark teeth, healthier gums . Etc
  3. Find a support person you trust.
  4. Find a quit smoking programme you relate to .
  5. Once you have located one contact the people / health professionals running it near you and take some positive steps with it.
  6. There are foods and supplements that can help overcome withdrawal symptoms. Find a practitioner with knowledge in nutritional medicine that can help with this ( ACNEM, and AIMA ).
  7. Look for healthy substitutes, that you enjoy. Eating sweets can cause other problems. Eating nuts can be a healthy alternative.
  8. If you have questions or would like to take quitting smoking further then speak to us at NHD to assist with regaining control and supporting the next steps.