World Cavity free future day October 14th 2020

Why get tooth decay and cavities when you don’t have to?

Dental caries is preventable. You can take a few simple steps and avoid tooth decay.

However, presently around the world that is not the case and many people, children through to older ages have untreated decay in their teeth.

To overcome this and promote healthy teeth, the World Cavity Free Future Alliance promotes a Day each year ( 14th October) and has a website with many useful resources:

New Horizons Dental actively promotes preventive measures and can assist anyone who wishes to overcome tooth decay problems or anyone that wishes to keep healthy teeth and not get cavities.

For a brighter and much more confident smile call us 07 4099 3232 to arrange and appointment for check up and ask how you can keep a cavity free future for yourself and loved ones, such as children or elderly grandparents.