World AIDS day December 1st 2019

Each year new cases continue to be diagnosed in Australia. The event of World AIDS day provides information to understand treatment and prevention of the condition.

A recent International Conference declared that dentists are vital to improving health of those with AIDS. It can even be the dentist that provides the first diagnosis, to enable appropriate management.

A regular dental check-up can detect if oral symptoms have developed. Often early signs of AIDS are oral symptoms. Early detection enables useful treatment to commence to avoid the debilitating effects of severe AIDS.

Oral health is vital for everyone to enable clear communication, ability to eat healthy foods, and maintain jaw structures that support a healthy airway and bite. This is especially vital in anyone with a chronic health condition, to enable good nutrition to support good general health.

At New Horizons Dental, Dr. Stringer has completed further studies in Nutrition and has many years of experience supporting people’s oral health when they have a chronic general health condition. A regular dental check-up can help in supporting good health. Ring to arrange a comprehensive dental check-up. For more information please click the link below: