Natural Medicine Week May 22 to 28 2023

Natural medicine week is celebrated this week and has events and information at the  website:

New Horizons Dental promotes a heathy lifestyle and oral health contributes to that. Prevention is the best form of medicine. A healthy diet contributes greatly to a bright smile and vital health.

Food as medicine is a great starting point.

A natural system of medicine that has been proven over 5,000 years is Ayurvedic medicine, which means the science of healthy living.

Dr Stringer is also a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and has found this system provides a natural approach to health, ranging from guiding on a healthy lifestyle depending upon your constitutional or genetic type to herbal medicines and other therapies.

This system promotes positive oral health as essential to good general health with brushing, tongue cleaning and oil swishing as a basic means to maintain oral health.

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