National Nutrition Week Celebrated at New Horizons Dental October 14th to 20th 2019

Eat a Rainbow is this years’ theme of National Nutrition Week.

A large diversity of fruits, vegetables in the diet promotes great general and dental health.

With less diversity there is increased risk of tooth decay, periodontitis, oral cancer, mouth ulcers, and virtually all general health issues are at increased risk with poor diet and food choices.

To enjoy a vitally healthy life a range of fruits and vegetables has been listed under the rainbow colors on Nutrition Australia’s website for National Nutrition Week.

New Horizons Dental emphasizes the value and importance of eating healthy foods for  healthy teeth and gums and all oral health as we celebrate National Nutrition Week by choosing to eat a rainbow of naturally colored foods.

To learn more about a rainbow of foods the link below provides background on the benefits of plant based foods.

There is also a “ Dental Diet” book been published in recent years by an Australian dentist that has some useful information, hints, recipes and guides on a dietary aspects to provide fantastic dental and oral health.

The Take home message is that eating a “Rainbow of foods” is the most beneficial for having great health, general and oral.