Kids excited by New Horizons Dental Health Week Activities

Dr. Stringer presented healthy foods and tooth-brushing techniques to Mossman C and K Kindergarten ( link)last week.

The children enjoyed asking questions, and telling their stories. The tooth-brushing song was a hit and encouraged brushing morning and night time.

New Horizons Dental encourages children to attend for a check up from 1 year of age, as per Pediatric  Recommendations ( links)

Free dental c are is available for those children eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme . Speak to the dental receptionist, as they can find out your eligibility.

A check up for young children is vital to ensure growth and development of the  jaws and teeth  is on track. One key feature to look at is whether mouth breathing is happening and to what extent. If noticed then a dental consultation to assess and provide guidance will make a big  difference to future growth of the jaw, face and dental structures.