How is Your Dental Health Tracking? Asks Dental Health Week 2019

How is your dental health tracking? Dental Health Week 2019 is asking all Australians to take stock of their dental health.

Are you one of the 50% of Australians that brush once daily only?

You maybe interested to learn that it only takes a  few hours for plaque germs to build up on teeth and gums. That is why brushing thoroughly morning and night is recommended.

Dental Health Week, supported by the Australian Dental Association website has interesting measures for you to see if your dental health is On Track .

A healthy diet is essential for keeping your gums and teeth strong and healthy. Yet 70% of young people aged 14 to 18 years, consume too much sugar. Not only does that risk damaging teeth and gums, but general health is adversely effected.

A regular dental visit checks how your dental health is tracking and yet it was found that 65% of Australians ave not seen a dentist the last 2 years.

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It is essential for you to clean between the teeth, as a toothbrush  cannot reach. Dental floss or small interdental brushes are most effective to clean between teeth as recommended by Dental Health Week 2019. The ADA Dental Health Week  Website states nearly 40% never clean between the teeth. It is necessary as many dental problems start between the teeth.

To keep bacterial numbers low in the mouth a traditional routine of tongue scraping hasbeen found scientifically to give fresh breath and protect teeth and gums.

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