COVID19 New Horizons Dental Update

COVID19 Response at  New Horizons Dental at 31.03.2020

We are OPEN for urgent dental needs.

This can include any pain, swelling, broken teeth or fillings, large dental cavities at risk of escalating problems, more severe gum problems, ulcers.

For any routine dental appointments such as check-up examinations, simple scaling and cleaning or routine simple fillings are deferred at this time.

If you are uncertain if your dental concern is urgent then please ring to speak to the receptionist or dentist and an appointment can be made accordingly.

Currently we are under Level 3 restrictions at our Dental Practice, out of a 5 level system. If Level 4 is suggested then treatment is limited to emergencies.

It is unknown how long these guidelines will last, however we are expecting for a few months.

Extra precautions are taken to ensure the health of patients and staff. This includes some extra questions on the phone when making an appointment, hand hygiene for you upon arrival and departure, mouth-rinse before any treatment and rubber dam for certain treatments.

We are currently developing “Tele dentistry” facilities. A consultation can take place over the phone, or if a smart phone with a camera is used then seeing the face, or part of the mouth can assist with a provisional diagnosis and determine the need for a dental visit. Other online resources are also being developed.

Preventive measures are more important than ever at this stage to ensure the health of the mouth and to avoid problems.

To assist with this, video clips on oral hygiene measures are available from links on our website Resources page More are underway.

Tooth brushing coaching can be done with the application Zoom ( conference call from your home. Check with dental reception for other video link options.

If you can obtain disclosing tablets from a chemist or the dental practice and make use of those, then an Oral Hygiene Instruction Consultation is incredibly informative for the essential preventive measure. 

Dietary analysis for dental health can also be done remotely by Tele consult or Zoom meeting.

Item numbers are available for these consultations and fees have been discounted for a limited time (please see below). If you require a Tele dentistry appointment then ring 07 4099 3232 to arrange a time.

ITEM 142 SMOKING CESSATION- COUNSELLING (BRIEF) Ring first to determine requirements

If there are any questions please ring 07 4099 3232


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