COVID 19 update 11.05.20 New Horizons Dental Restrictions Eased to Level 1

Great News for Dental Care!

Restrictions eased back to Level 1.

This means all dental treatment can proceed as normal with Standard infection control precautions.

Anyone with symptoms or risk factors for COVID-19 has treatment deferred.

For more details see ADA website:

New Horizons Dental Practice would like to extend a thank you to everyone throughout the community for acting responsibly during the Pandemic. Due to the great effort we can all enjoy the benefits of returning to our healthy lifestyles in this beautiful part of the world Port Douglas

Regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain good oral health (to be covered in future newsletter the value of a regular dental check-up).

If you have any questions about your own oral health, such as any sensitive areas, is your toothpaste helpful, or which brush is better, then these and any questions about oral health can be addressed at a general check-up.

For any questions, or to make an appointment, please ring the Practice
07 4099 3232