COVID-19 and response from NHD

Our routine infection control procedures operate at a very high level as we are an accredited dental practice.

All our procedures have been evaluated by the accreditation independent body and deemed to meet high standards. Not all dental practices are accredited.

At this time it is reassuring to know NHD works to a high standard of infection control. This ensures no virus, or micro organism cross contamination occurs.

There are guidelines from the Federal Health Department regarding COVID-19:

At this date, anyone returning or arriving from overseas is required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Any concerns regarding possible flu, with signs of fever- increased temperature, coughing respiratory symptoms needs to see a medical practitioner for testing.

There is information available about the simple but essential steps we can all take to minimise the risk of being effected by the virus COVID-19. This includes, effective and frequent hand hygiene, avoid touching the face, correct cough etiquette (into the inside of the crooked elbow), social distancing, general heath promoting behaviours (healthy diet, exercise, positive outlook, personal hygiene)

If anyone has a respiratory illness and has not been tested for COVID-19 and has an urgent dental problem needs to ring the dental surgery first to arrange a suitable time for any urgent dental treatment.

For routine dental treatment, we are continuing as normal with added precautions at this stage.

We will update any information and requirements for dental appointments as the situation develops.

If you have any questions regarding dental treatment at this time please ring the dental practice.