Congratulations to New Horizons Dental on being a GBT Certified Practice!

As of October 10th 2022, New Horizons Dental are now proudly a GBT Certified Practice!

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)?

GBT is a systematic method to efficiently remove built up plaque on your teeth. A purple disclosing dye is applied to your teeth, and once you rinse your mouth with water, the dye sticks to all the biofilm/bacteria on your teeth that when you look in the mirror, it will give the appearance of a stain. This makes it easier to brush your teeth more effectively and to focus on the areas that need more cleaning. Dr Stringer will then remove it off your teeth for a nice clean finish

Why is it beneficial?

When there is a build up of biofilm like bacteria and plaque on your teeth, it can create future issues like caries, periodontitis and infection. Regular dental checkups using GBT keeps this biofilm under control resulting in better oral health

What is the aim of GBT?

  • Preserve healthy teeth
  • Maintain orthodontic appliances
  • Prevent caries (decay)
  • Treat gingivitis
  • Preserve healthy soft tissues
  • Treat Periodontitis

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For a detailed explanation on the GBT process, see video below: