Be Medicine Wise Week 25-29th August 2019 celebrated

Check out your medicines and get the most benefit during Medicine Wise Week 2019. Are they out of date? Stored out of reach of children? Kept away from sunlight and moisture? To learn the best ways to manage your medicines visit the Be Medicine Wise Web site, packed with informative links and  hints to help you.

Do you wonder what medicines are safe during pregnancy, or breast feeding? Check out the web site listed above.

In dentistry we use local anaesthetics and other drugs and medicines which can potentially interact with your prescribed medicines. If there are changes to your dosage or changes to the types of medicines you are taking then please inform the receptionist at your next dental visit and Dr. G. Stringer at New Horizons Dental will do an update on your medicines history to ensure smooth procedures. Be Medicine Wise Week is celebrated at New Horizons Dental with staff support for any questions regarding medicines.

Do you have relatives or elderly parents that need assistance with their medications? To best help the Be Medicine Wise website has many helpful information sheets and links.