20th Anniversary of New Horizons for Health

New Horizons for Health celebrated 20 years since opening, at the end of October 2021.  At the time of opening in 2001, the brainchild of Vijay and Kate Yogendra, set a new standard for integrated health care in the tropical setting in Port Douglas. The purpose built and architecturally designed buildings are beautiful timber constructed pavilions linked by walkways and feature relaxing water features at the entrance and in the waiting room. Photos of the original structures can be viewed here.

Vijay had “retired “ from his active life with major achievements in establishing the School of Total Education with its unique emphasis on teacher, parent and pupil regular communication and practical approaches to personal development in growing parenting skills in a supportive environment. Prior to that he had established the Yoga Education Centre in Melbourne and ran many courses, symposia and congresses. These activities fostered a sense of growth and understanding for the many people involved.

The New Horizons for Health centre included medical practitioners with general practice skills and also skills in traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine and hypnosis. The centre also initially included physiotherapists, a Bowen therapist and a homeopath. Later, the centre had an addition of a Dental clinic, massage therapist and psychologist.

Today New Horizons for Health is a thriving medical clinic with general practice and areas of special interest that include:

  •  acupuncture
  •  traditional Chinese medicine
  • Japanese acupuncture / massage techniques
  • nutritional medicine 
  • herbal medicine
  • hypnosis 
  • psychology

A nurse practitioner and support staff make up a comprehensive medical team. In addition to this team is a dental clinic, Ayurvedic medicine clinic and massage therapy that forms the integrated health approach at New Horizons for Health.

For more details see the website links below:

Medical: www.newhorizonspd.com.au

Dental: www.newhorizonsdental.com.au

Ayurvedic medicine: ayurveda-healthy-living.business.site

The key element underlying all approaches is the care provided by the practitioners and the aim to assist people to live a healthier, fuller life.

The team at New Horizons for Health would like to express thanks and gratitude for all the people that have sought our care over this time.